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Environment Feature Set Data Changes Purpose
Live Stable
Permanent This is the live production system.
Beta Stable
Temporary This is a stable pre-production system suitable for training and demonstration. Here you can review upcoming features and completed changes soon to be released. Data is periodically erased and refreshed from the Live environment.
Alpha Work in Progress
Temporary Developers frequently release improvements to the system here for review and testing by the project team. Features and data are subject to change at any time.

Process for New Releases

Features are developed, improved, and released initially to the Alpha environment, where they are available for project-team review and testing.

Every two weeks the Alpha version is released to Beta, where it is subject to user acceptance testing and final sign-off.

The Beta version is released to the Live environment following sign-off, which occurs at scheduled intervals that are normally between one and six weeks apart.

Change Requests and Bug Fixes

Change requests with a specific deadline must be submitted and approved at least two (2) weeks in advance of a scheduled release date. Please note that bug fixes are an exception to the schedule. If a serious issue is discovered then a fix may be released immediately, regardless of the next scheduled update to the Live environment.

Click the View Schedule button to see the list of upcoming releases scheduled for the Live environment.