Technical Training

Ensure Workforce Competency
Ensure Workforce Competency

Shift iQ is a cloud-based, adaptive skills development platform for technical training organizations that need to ensure competent and capable workforces through competency-based education (CBE) approaches. 

Shift iQ helps you develop and support best practices for your regulatory, standards and client management needs in ways that your current systems can’t. 

  • Meet current and future needs with flexible, cloud-based, mobile-friendly technology.
  • Integrate competency frameworks with assessments and reporting of competencies satisfied.
  • Configure user experiences to fit your requirements and business processes.

With Shift iQ, your technical training organization can tailor and configure your regulatory, standards and client management environments to provide the most effective and efficient assessment, certification, and credentialing possible for your apprentices, trades qualifiers (challengers), and other learners.

Innovating Technical Training

Technical training has typically relied on a time, credit, and a course based model that presupposes the learner has no prior knowledge or competence, and provides training and education with formative and summative assessment of learning in a series of serial, structured levels or terms.

The completion of levels or terms are marked by summative assessments to ensure the block of learning associated with that level or term has occurred satisfactorily. At the end of the last level or term of learning, the learner often has a final summative assessment of knowledge for credentialing purposes, or provides a satisfactory record of learning to a professional or credentialing organization to allow them access to a certifying examination.

Shift iQ supports these typical assessment and regulatory processes, and associated management of assessments and records, to better manage the certification, credentialing and client management processes for apprentices, trades qualifiers (challengers), and other learners. Anything that your organization currently does with its existing systems can be accomplished with Shift iQ. 


Shift iQ is a flexible cloud-based, mobile-friendly skills development and learning management platform that increases workforce productivity and performance.

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