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Shift iQ is the best-in-class LMS to help businesses, professional associations, academic institutions, and training authorities assess skills and match talent to career and training pathways.

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Shift iQ is designed to meet real-world assessment and training requirements, workflows, and processes.

Streamline your programs and workflows with an LMS purpose-built for what has to get done.

Get recognized for revolutionizing assessments and training in your organization.

Who We Are

We believe in helping people reach their highest potential and we do this by challenging and disrupting traditional education and training models and the way skills, knowledge, and abilities are recognized.




Expert Guides

Let us help you navigate the world of skills assessments and competency-based education technology.

What is Competency-Based Continuing Professional Development (CBPD) and why is it important?

Learn how to align occupational competencies and practice standards with regulatory requirements and individual career objectives.

Everything you need to know about modern Learning Management Systems.

Understand of the intricacies of Learning Management Systems (LMS), their core features and applications and what is best for you.

What is Competency-Based Education (CBE), and why it is vital for the future of learning?

Employers are now placing a premium on tangible skills, concrete abilities, and practical experience over the prestige of diplomas. See how CBE is becoming more relevant in post secondary education.

Make the Shift

Make the Shift.

Best enterprise LMS platform to improve and accelerate program delivery without starting from scratch.

  • Connect or upload your content.
  • Organize and publish assessments and learning programs.
  • Track and report outcomes.
  • Align people to career and training opportunities.

Streamline your programs and workflows with an LMS that understands what has to get done.

Get recognized for revolutionizing assessments and training in your organization!

Equip yourself with a comprehensive suite of tools for the development, maintenance, and delivery of skills and competency-based assessments and exams.

Seamlessly create, upload, and manage your items
Build and organize your item bank with ease
Generate competency assessments and exam forms using specifications and blueprints
Securely publish and deliver your exams and assessments

Streamline your contact, account, and record management processes.

Effortlessly upload and mange your contacts, learners, and applicants
Organize your contacts in groups for easy administration
Manage permissions
Access real-time records, transcripts, and reports for up-to-date insights

Design and deliver modern, engaging courses and learning programs, fostering meaningful educational experiences with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Create lessons, courses, and modules connected to competency frameworks
Integrate content from third-party LMSs and CMSs
Design and deliver adaptive learning programs and individual learning pathways
Publish courses in learning portals and engage learners with interactive content through integrated H5P activities

Everything you need to build, schedule, and register people for courses and training events.

Create and publish dynamic catalogs and learning events
Link catolog items to learning events and calendars for seamless organization
Connect catolog items to registration pages for easy access
Manage pricing, cohorts, and waitlists with flexibility and control

Accelerate the transition from learning to employment by leveraging skills data to connect individuals with meaningful and relevant job opportunities.

Establish detailed candidate and employer profiles
Design and publish job opportunities
Identify and match candidates to suitable opportunities
Leverage built-in occupational frameworks to create customized job opportunities

Streamline your communication processes, ensuring a high level of engagement with all your contacts.

Design and implement automated notifications for consistent timely communication
Schedule and send e-mail messages and reminders quickly and easily
Manage email and subscription lists with ease, ensuring targeted communication
Monitor click through rates to ensure the effectiveness of your messages and notifications

Access comprehensive learner data at your fingertips.

Release micro-credentials, badges, and certificates to acknowledge learner achievements
Track learner progress with customizable gradebooks and logbooks
Share and store secure records on blockchain for transparency and verification
Create customized certificate templates to align with your branding

Generate insightful reports on participant and item-focused data with ease.

Analyze scores, outcomes, and competencies for a comprehensive understanding of learner progress
Perform item analysis and assess performance to ensure the effectiveness of your content
View attempts and conduct time-series analysis for detailed insights into learner behavior
Generate participant and outcome reports for a holistic view of your program's impact

Transform your assessments and training programs into revenue streams with our integrated solutions.

Assign pricing to events and courses for optimal revenue generation
Connect registration pages to payment gateways for seamless transactions
Generate invoices and receipts for transparent financial management
Track and report revenue to monitor your financial progress

Manage complex skills and competency data to maintain professional and occupational standards.

Create comprehensive skills and competency frameworks
Connect skills frameworks to occupational profiles
Manage and maintain professional and occupational standards with ease
Connect competencies to questions and learning resources for true competency-based learning
Analyze skill frameworks to determine similarities and highlight differences

Capture insightful feedback from your contacts, creating dynamic surveys, tracking engagement, and analyzing results for actionable insights.

Create, publish, and distribute surveys and forms for effective feedback
Track responses and click rates to measure engagement
Report on survey results for actionable insights

Boost productivity with features designed for efficient task management.

Create conditional tasks based on variables for personalized workflows
Release sequential tasks for organized task management
Configure and trigger notifications to keep everyone updated
Manage version control to track changes and maintain consistency

Go above and beyond with add-ons and supports to supercharge productivity.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Seamlessly connect to other platforms and services

Hyper-care and concierge support

Receive premium support tailored to your specific needs

Translations and multi-language content

Engage a global audience with multi-lingual support

Hourly consulting

Benefit from expert advice to optimize your outcomes

Data migration

Transition smoothly with comprehensive data migration support services

Technical development

Adapt to your unique needs with our development options

H5P content integration

Design and deliver highly interactive re-usable content for your learners

Blockchain integration

Secure your records and transactions with cutting-edge blockchain technology
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We are pleased to announce Shift iQ is listed as one of the top assessment and evaluation providers for 2023!