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Shift iQ is the best-in-class platform to help businesses, professional associations, academic institutions, and government agencies assess skills and align talent to career and training pathways.

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We understand your needs.

Shift iQ is designed to meet real-world assessment and training requirements, workflows, and processes.

Streamline your programs and workflows with a platform purpose-built for what has to get done.

Get recognized for revolutionizing assessments and training in your organization.

Who We Are

We believe in helping people reach their highest potential and we do this by challenging and disrupting traditional education and training models and the way skills, knowledge, and abilities are recognized.




Make the Shift

Make the Shift.

One system to improve and accelerate program delivery without starting from scratch.

  • Connect or upload your content.
  • Organize and publish assessments and learning programs.
  • Track and report outcomes.
  • Align people to career and training opportunities.

Streamline your programs and workflows with a platform that understands what has to get done.

And get recognized for revolutionizing assessments and training in your organization!

Design and deliver consistent and fair assessments.
Manage high volume and complex assessments.
Effectively measure skills and provide valid and reliable results that align with industry requirements.
Identify and address skill gaps.
Engage learners and promote upskilling and skills transfer.
Measure training effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).
Keep up with rapidly changing industry demands.
Integrate with 3rd party and legacy systems.

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