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Why partner with Shift iQ?

We offer our partners a transformative solution that redefines the way e-learning services companies address skills assessments, training, and workforce readiness programs. Tap into a multitude of benefits that address the evolving demands of the modern learning and career landscape.

  • Accelerate your business with industry leading partner benefits.
  • Deliver solutions to your customers where other platforms fall short.
  • Deliver modern user experiences for learners, instructors, trainers, and administrators.
  • Provide your customers with a holistic approach to assessing and aligning skills to career and training opportunities.

Featured Partners

Competency Management and Development System CMDS

The Competency Management and Development System provides a comprehensive competency-based approach to ensure workers understand their job requirements and provide a credible record of achieved skills. It is oriented around skills and profiles, and audited by third-parties to ensure due diligence requirements are met.



The FAST program helps immigrants launch their careers in Canada by offering free, online, self-paced employment preparation in six key sectors. Through the FAST assessments, immigrants can better understand how their past work experiences and training compare with Canadian standards in their sector.


Cross-Trade Pathways
Cross-Trade Pathways

Cross-Trade Pathways is an initiative that supports apprentices and journeypersons by evaluating and recognizing skills and experience across trades that have similar training requirements. Shift iQ is the platform used to develop and deliver learning pathways for people who are upskilling and/or reskilling.


The Shift iQ Platform

Shift iQ is built to support best practices in educational technology and training delivery, and streamlines and accelerates mission-critical assessment, training, and reporting requirements. Cement your position as a leader in educational technology and e-learning services.

Skills & Competency Assessments

Take skills and competency assessments to the next level by connecting outcomes to career and training opportunities.

Continuing Professional Development

Streamline programs workflows your members to assessment and training opportunities.

Talent & Workforce Development

Promote talent development and job readiness by connecting our employee assessment outcomes to career and training opportunities.

Competency-Based Education

Demystify competency-based education by connecting competencies to verifiable learning outcomes.

Learning Management

Unlock the potential of legacy learning management systems with tools to deliver outstanding competency-based learning programs.

Digital Achievements & Certificates

Promote workforce mobility with verifiable digital credentials that can be shared and stored on blockchain.

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We are pleased to announce Shift iQ is listed as one of the top assessment and evaluation providers for 2023!