About Us

About Us

We're a team of experts passionate about helping people assess, understand, and align their skills to career and training opportunities.

Mission and values

Shift iQ was founded with a deep commitment to helping people reach their fullest potential by creating a new and better way of recognizing and unlocking skills, knowledge, and abilities.

- Alan Roberts, CEO


We focus on people

We believe in helping people reach their highest potential and we do this by challenging and disrupting traditional education and training models and the way skills, knowledge, and abilities are recognized.


We focus on outcomes over outputs

We focus on helping people assess, understand, and align their skills to career and training opportunities. We believe a purpose driven approach to everything we do is more meaningful and valuable than being attached to outputs.


We focus on the journey of learning

We believe people never stop learning. Knowledge, skills, and abilities collected along the way have value, and aligning skills to career and learning opportunities is empowering.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our doors are open. We believe in cultivating a culture that proactively supports diversity and operating our business in a way where everyone feels respected and included and can bring their best selves to work everyday.

Environment and sustainability

Environment and sustainability

We are committed to the following environmental and sustainability practices:

  • Operating our business in a manner that reduces our impact on the environment, prevents pollution and protects resources.
  • Managing the life cycle of our products, solutions, and services in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Maintaining full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other obligations.
  • Continuing to evaluate and review annually the impact of our business on the environment and setting goals to reduce these impacts while measuring our progress.
  • Continually working to improve and share our environmental sustainability practices.
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2023 Top Assessment Platform Award
2023 Watchlist Wordpress Assessment Evaluation
We are pleased to announce Shift iQ is listed as one of the top assessment and evaluation providers for 2023!