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Shift iQ

Shift iQ is a flexible cloud-based, mobile-friendly skills development learning management platform that increases workforce productivity and performance.

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Articles and Announcements

Learning Technologies

Shift iQ is changing the way learning is delivered and outcomes are assessed. Check out how we are defining the next generation of skills development.

Skills Development in the Workplace

If you are new to competency-based training or looking to get started with your own program then check out the articles here.

Expert Opinion

Shift iQ enables and encourages the development and sharing of best practices. Our experts share their thoughts on the state of the industry.

Focus on Industry

Shift iQ enables and promotes competent and capable workforces in every industry.

Product Features

Here are just a few of things you can do with Shift iQ.

Personalized Adaptive Learning Workspaces

Personalized Workspaces

Deliver outstanding learning experiences that will increase use and satisfaction with personalized workspaces and dashboards.

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Learning Analytics

Awesome Analytics

Shift iQ reporting tools allow you to tap into real-time results and share time-sensitive information, any time, anywhere.

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Open Source Learning Management System

And We're Open!

Our open, multi-tenant platform is infinitely flexible. Now you can deliver training and skills development programs on your terms.

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Why Choose Shift iQ?

We'll help you get the most from your training and education resources and leverage a next generation LMS. Contact us for a product demonstration or register for a free evaluation. See for yourself how easy it is to make the shift.

Great Technology

Shift iQ is a flexible cloud-based, mobile-friendly skills development learning management platform to increase workforce productivity and performance. Do more, all in one place.

Get Smarter

Streamline the way you deliver skills development programs and learning management to any web-enabled device. Create a competent and capable workforce using your training guides, competency assessments, policies and procedures, courses and other skills development materials. Provide staff and management with personalized workspaces for communication, participation, and reporting.

Not Your Typical LMS

Shift iQ is designed around and for learners — Not around courses and content. Shift iQ is the world's most flexible learning platform that connects people to training plans, job requirements and manages learning records and credentials – all in one place. Shift iQ is an intuitive and cost-effective way to create and deliver skills development programs throughout your organization and report on meaningful learning outcomes.

Tin Can and Experience API

The Experience API (also known as Tin Can) is quickly replacing SCORM as the standard for interoperability between learning solutions. Shift iQ includes a Learning Record Store (LRS) and Training Delivery System (TDS) compliant with this new standard.