Release Notes for Version 24.2

April 3, 2024

  • UI Improvements for third-party assessments
  • Fix minor scrolling issue on ui/admin/courses/manage
  • Fix Links Feature in Messages Toolkit
  • Fix Markdown Content Editor Create Link & Insert Image buttons
  • Fix Survey Closed Instructions not displaying to respondents
  • Improve search criteria for third party assessments
  • Country Combobox Values now are Guid instead of texts
  • Fix 3rd party Assessment not allowed multiple attempts
  • Fix No redirection on Program tiles
  • Fix error when uploading set using Markdown
  • Improve Survey Message Configuration so Admin can return to Survey Messages tab when done
  • Improve the reliability of the certificate builder
  • Fix bug in the multi-select question type
  • Improve Logbook Edit Entry screen with the same changes as the Add Entry screen
  • Improve the portal support form
  • Fix UI elements not pulling translated text from labels table
  • Hide all references to Fax number from our UI
  • Fix Rubrics Delete page URL incorrect
  • Fix Not able to update Rubric with no Assessment Attempts
  • Fix Learner Permissions for adding a Logbook Entry
  • Fix translation issue on learning portal
  • Automatically enable the email address for new candidates loaded from Direct Access
  • Create Assessor view of Attempt Grade page
  • Fix Points not showing in Question metadata when scoring is done by rubric
  • Introduce authorization for CommandApi through OAuth2 (JWT token)
  • Make the configuration setting for course outline width visible in the Admin UI
  • Allow randomization of automated group-membership assignment to survey respondents
  • Modify automatic group membership assignment for survey respondents
  • Allow an administrator to enable/disable learner comments on a course
  • Improve Survey Question text so admin side displays like portal side
  • Standard (Competency) External Title
  • Re-implement the validation improvements when new exam events are scheduled through the API
  • Resolve minor issues on the Course Catalog page
  • Remove confusing URLs from organization account settings
  • Rework functionality for Assigning Gradebooks to Assessments
  • Implement performance optimizations
  • Improve History pages to move Aggregate info to a tab and visible to platform admins only
  • Survey Outline Messages Tab: Rename "Assign Messages" button and add Edit Pencil
  • Implement ability to build a Message from Class Registrations search page
  • Refactor MFA
  • Move Question Difficulty field from Banks Search to Questions Search
  • Add Country list dropdown from Jobs to Contact Addresses as a Find modal, not a combobox
  • Add Accommodations to Class Events (currently only in Exam Events)
  • Survey Outline Messages Tab: Rework Add Newsletter buttons be Add Notification buttons
  • Improve how Employer is displayed in Contact Record history
  • Implement the solution for the ordering question type
  • Add a history to a gradebook
  • Assign an assessment attempt to a grading assessor
  • Add Download button to aggregates/outline page
  • Improve posted date for comments in the Assessment and Classes Toolkits
  • Fix Surveys so new Options Questions are added to unlocked response sessions
  • Add ability for admins to download a copy of a learner's certificate
  • Survey Outline Messages Tab: Add a preview of message content
  • Improve Portal Support page and related Help Requested alert message
Last updated April 22, 2024
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