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Upskilling and Reskilling for Professional Development

Competency-based upskilling and reskilling programs are essential for aligning individual career aspirations with organizational goals, enhancing job performance, adaptability, and employee satisfaction. These programs effectively address skill gaps and foster organizational agility, preparing a workforce that is versatile and ready for future challenges.

7 months ago by Kyle Erickson, M.Ed., D.C.

Certification vs. High Stakes Exams

Modern learning and assessment platforms have transformed how we prepare for and undertake exams. By offering streamlined, accessible, and efficient processes, these platforms ensure that individuals are well-equipped to validate their skills and navigate the challenges of their chosen fields.

10 months ago by Kyle Erickson, M.Ed., D.C.

Beyond the Classroom: Recognizing Prior Learning with PLAR

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) is an innovative approach in adult education that values knowledge gained outside traditional settings, bridging the gap between hands-on experience and formal education, and fostering a more inclusive educational landscape.

11 months ago by Kyle Erickson, M.Ed., D.C.

Decoding Job Analysis: A Strategic Tool for Organizational Success

Job analysis is a strategic tool for understanding job intricacies, aiding in defining roles, establishing performance standards, and identifying training needs. It supports recruitment, performance management, and training initiatives. Educational technology, including competency-based learning platforms and data analytics, can facilitate job analysis, enhancing organizational efficiency and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

one year ago by Alan Roberts, M.B.A., B.A.
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